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Factory BrakeCenter

Complete automotive service

Factory Brake Centers is more than just a brake shop, we are a Full service center capable of repairs from oil changes to engine and transmission overhauls. We offer most everything needed to keep you car safe and  on the road under one roof. 

We use the latest diagnostic equipment, such as Snap-On scanners, Mitchell On-Demand Repair information, and Hunter Alignment systems  to properly check, diagnose and fix your vehicle. All of our software, diagnostic, alignment, and repair information is keep up to date to ensure that we  will be able to get your vehicle safely back on the road.

Here are some of the many services we provide.

Brake Service

Before any repair are done to your vehicle it will be given an inspection to check for worn or broken brake components. 

Our brake service includes machining rotors/drums to within manufacture specification, replacing brake pads/ shoes with a quality ceramic pad/ shoe, bleeding the brake system, and replacing hardware where applicable.

Repair Service

We are a full service center and offer a wide range of repairs including:              

  • Tune-Ups

  • Timing Belts

  • Timing Chains

  • Oil Leaks

  • Radiators

  • Serpentine Belts

  • Fuel Pumps

  • Water Pumps

  • Throttle Body's

  • Engines

  • Transmissions

  • Wheel Bearings/ and seals

  • Rear Axle/ Rear-Ends

  • CV-Axles

  • Mounts

  • Ac and Heating

  • Electrical

  • Ac Compressors

Special Services

We have the necessary equipment to diagnose and repair the following problems that can occur your vehicle.

  • Check Engine/ Service Engine soon Lights

  • ABS/ Traction Control Lights

  •  Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation

  • Factory Anti-Theft

  • Air Bag Lights

  • Some TPMS (Tire Pressure monitor Systems)

  • Suspension Lights

  • Charging System

  • Air Conditioning and heating 

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Evap or Emissions systems

  • Electrical issues

Suspension service

If you believe you are having suspension issues come by and will give your vehicle a thorough suspension inspection to identify any problems or prevent future problems with preventative repairs. We offer full suspension services which include,

  • Four wheel computer alignment when applicable

  • Shocks and struts

  • Ball joints

  • Tie rod ends

  • Steering gears or Rack and Pinion

  • Control arms

  • Bushings

  • Springs

  • Mounts

  • New Tires

  • Tire mount and Balance

  • Wheel repair